False Start

by Ed

Been a while since I blogged last. A year in fact.  Inexcusable.

So of course, I have an excuse. It was a very busy year.

How so you might ask? (and by “you”, I mean the spam bots that regularly frequent my site. Humans don’t actually visit).

Well, let’s see… I wrote some movies, that took some time. My Wife and I repeatedly, frustratingly, and unsuccessfully tried to buy one of any number of homes (thank you exploding LA property market and all cash offers from speculators for rapidly pricing us out of home ownership in a matter of months). My sister developed a brain tumor (read all about her experiences with brain surgery at her amazing blog The Everywhereist).

Oh, and there was something else that took up a ton of time, what was it…

Oh right, I became a parent.

Ed & Son
Both love titties

But my dear spambots, I will start blogging again, and more frequently… I’ll squeeze in the time when the little dude is napping (or else when I’m in traffic… at the average 3 miles per hour that LA traffic creeps along at, it’s not actually that dangerous. Hell, I’m blogging from behind the steering wheel right now in fact)