by Ed

Right, my first blog post. Bear with me as you watch me learn while doing. I promise I’ll get the hang of it.*

*(no actual promise implied)

So what is the point of this blog? Why must the world be subjected to graced with my musings?

Well, because G*d damn it, I need a place to rant. Twitter isn’t long enough and my Mom is on Facebook, so those are both out. My other option was the street corner, but that’s occupied by that end of days bible thumping guy and no way am I competing with him. It’d be like whoever was on Ed Sullivan the same night as the Beatles.

(TV historians will point out that Davy Jones of the Monkees and Frank Gorshin – aka The Riddler on the 60’s Batman – were the other Ed Sullivan guests that night, and while they were no Beatles they still did alright… But screw those TV historians, they’re just saying it to be contrary)

So what will I rant about? Hollywood mainly. See I’m an actor and a writer, which you undoubtedly knew already since you probably found this blog linked to my professional website. But what you probably didn’t know is that I don’t get to act and write nearly enough, and when I do I’m never really allowed to do it the way that I want. And that causes frustration. And that is what causes rants.

Conventional wisdom says you should not do this. They say you should keep all of your Hollywood stories private, because it could cost you a job. This would be true… IF people in the position to hire me knew about me. But seeing as how not having a blog and toiling in relative (read: absolute) obscurity hasn’t bust down any Hollywood doors, might as well try to opposite tactic. Worst thing that happens is that I lose out on a job that Kip Pardue was always gonna get anyway.

Hopefully, hopefully, there will be a few nuggets of wisdom in there too. See, there are all those things they teach you in theatre school, or advice from actors and agents about believing in yourself and doing the best work you can… And it’s mainly bullsh*t. It’s theory and wishful thinking, but not actually how the mechanics of the industry work. So I’m going to tell you how it is… At least in my limited experience so far.

So yeah, bear with me.